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The Ahmad Al-Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition plays an important role for KOC by telling the history of oil, both in the State of Kuwait and throughout the world. From the formation of oil to its discovery and all of the ways that oil products help, make our lives better. The exhibition serves to answer any questions the public may have about oil and gas and the important functions they play in our modern lives.

KOC Display center

The original Display Center in Ahmadi has played a very important role in the history of Kuwait Oil Company. For decades, delegations from around the world were taken to the Display Center as part of their visit to KOC. In addition to being an excellent source of information for matters related to the oil industry, the original Display Center has been a source of great pride for the Company, for it is where the public could come to learn about the important role KOC plays for the State of Kuwait. Over the years,

the Display Center has hosted Kings and Queens, heads of states, diplomats from around the world, and students of all ages.
The new Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Oil & Gas Exhibition will assume the role that the original Display Center has played, and while the exhibition space is larger, modern, and more impressive, it will still serve the same basic function: Educating the public and visitors about the oil industry and the important role KOC plays in that regard.

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The Galleries

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It serves to welcome and Log in visitors while setting the scene of the enormous scale of Kuwait oil industry.

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Origins of Oil

The formation of oil and gas, also the creation of oil traps in Kuwait.

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The Early days of oil

A graphic panel that describes the early days of oil. In addition, a timeline describes significant moments in Kuwait Oil Company’s history.

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Methods of oil and gas are found in Kuwait, and the different types of oil rocks.

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Viewing Gallery

Allows visitors to experience the actual and virtual views of the oil fields and installations in Ahmadi that Belongs to KOC.

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From Extracting to refining

It displays the journey of oil and gas from extracting to refining and exporting.

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Fueling our world

Our world relies on oil and gas for energy production and most of the things we use every day are made from oil and gas.

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Heroes Of Fire

A documentary that shows the courage and determination of the fire-fighting team’s specially the Kuwaiti fire-fighting team, who tackled oil well fires in 1991.

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Your future

The start of the exhibition experience begins with a single drop of oil, and it ends with the same experience that shows Kuwait’s vast production of oil.

The Exhibition

The Ahmad Al-Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition is named after Kuwait’s 10th ruler, who served as Kuwait’s Amir from 1921 to 1950, and it was during his reign that the birth of the oil industry began. The exhibition recognizes the important historical role Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah played in the shaping of modern Kuwait.

Vision iconVISION

The Ahmad Al-Jaber Oil & Gas Exhibition aims to create an understanding of the power of oil as a precious resource that is fundamental to our way of life.

mission icon mission

To serve as a national museum of oil and gas that creates a learning experience for visitors based on the story of oil, while raising awareness about the enormous role it plays in the economy of the State of Kuwait.

values icon values

Innovative Learning:

Embed oil education in the national school curriculum.

Professional Platform:

Provide networking opportunities by hosting international conferences and exhibitions.

Edutainment Focus:

Provide an entertaining, unforgettable learning experience.


Kuwait Oil Field